Lo’s Story

Hey Guys,
My name is Georgia and I am the founder of Lo’s.
I thought I’d tell how this all came about and maybe inspire some of you.
I was working in the NHS and it didn’t quite give me the fulfilment and happiness that I longed for. I thought to myself, I need more, not only for myself but my family.
I remember the moment so clearly when I ran into my Mumma’s room where she and my brother were talking, I jumped, rolled onto Mumma’s bed and said “I am going to impact life in a positive way”

I had an idea, that grew into a concept, a new food idea! I wanted this concept to go to festivals, weddings and other events. My concept was unique, fun, exciting and quirky for everyone involved so I knew I needed a food van that would portray all of this. 3 weeks later I went out with my brother and bought a fully working vintage caravan. It arrived home in perfect condition until I started working on the renovation. Long and late evenings past, pages of research, many doodles, hundreds of pieces of paper with ideas.
I was working hard on an idea.

March 2019…I had an emergency admission into hospital where I was an inpatient for 4 weeks. I remember being in hospital continuing to work on the idea of Lo’s. The hospital bed was where Lo’s got its first ever paid order.
My family believed. You just need that one person to believe and the rest follows I got a call from my brother whilst I was recovering at home saying “George check out “Cambridgeshire News Live” and apply” I had a read and called Bro back
“The idea is not good enough for a Shopping Centre in Cambridge Bro”
“George, what’ve you got to lose just do it”.
So, I stayed up, 4 hours after starting the application to “Grow at the Grafton” I submitted my application. A competition that could change our lives.

30 days past, I checked religiously to see if I had a reply. I almost wanted to give up thinking there may be a possibility, no response usually means it’s a no. Day 31 came, I went to the gym from work, treadmill here I come.

Checked my emails whilst running (Impressive I know)


Goodbye treadmill, drove home, I shouted for Bro, not realising he was on a business call (whoops) We danced together, waited for Mumma to get home from work, so we could tell her, Mumma couldn’t quite believe it either.
LO’s had been given a huge opportunity
An idea
Hard work
More belief

So the adventure begins…

Lo’s was hand-built by my Bro. My Mumma would spend her days researching, finding the best packaging, the right fridges, the compostable spoons, my Mumma guided me to make sure everything was how I desired Lo’s to be. All graphics are done by my gorgeous aunty. Lo’s is one families adventure

So, into our month 2, yes, I say “our”. This is now a family run business. My beautiful Mumma, soon became a full-time member of staff. I realised I didn’t want to do it without her by my side, but actually nor could I actually continue doing it without her.

Her phenomenal being, drive, passion shines through Lo’s. My Mumma will forever remain the most precious asset to Lo’s. Mumma is the one whom develops the recipes for the yummy cheesecake, you all love.

Whilst building this business prior and during, I have been undergoing tests at Addenbrookes. Whilst trying my very hardest to grow Lo’s, working 7 days a week. I have recently been diagnosed with MS, this is something I will live with for my always. I face challenges daily, some days are worse than others. So, for me hard work is now proving a little harder.
I tell you the above, so that you know, you are able to do anything you put your mind to.

Don’t just say it, do it!

I had a vision, I’ve achieved this and now I am going to grow, learn and achieve more.
We have the best independent family run business. Thank you all for your continuing support.

“Endless possibilities”

We now embark on our new adventure – Lo’s in Brampton
Covid hit us all hard, when we all had to adapt to life indoors. We were no different. We closed our stand in Cambridge 12th March 2020. Where we borned Lo’s and had worked so hard, working 7 days a week, through 2 courses of chemo, 2 hours traffic ques on the old A14, still trying to build a brand and understand the world of business.

We couldn’t just close and not do anything so within 12 hours we turned Lo’s into a delivery service, we found ourselves being so fortunate that you all still wanted your much loved cheesecakes.

So on the 13th March we were out driving a 45 mile radius to deliver your cheesecakes, this was everyday for the next 9 months.
In this time Mumma Lo found a shop, that she just simple fell in love with because of the street it sat itself on.
A shop wasn’t on the radar but it was a opportunity we thought we couldn’t miss, so we went for it.

We got our keys on December 2, I remember going to get the keys for this empty, I kept it a secret because I wanted to surprise mumma Lo.
For as long as I can remember Mumma Lo wished for her own bakery/cake shop. I remember mumma and dad going to look at shops but simply hadn’t found the right time to fuffill this dream. Being parents to 2 young children and life that brings with this.

So I boxed the keys with a ribbon and asked mumma if she would come on a ‘delivery’ with me, ‘of course my darling’.
I handed mumma a pink box with a key in and so another chapter starts.

Brampton shop, was simply brick walls, no electricity, water, flooring, walls, nothing but a shell.
This is where my brobro jumps on board. Not having many pennies in our bank, we had the standard tools from dad, saw, hammer, household drill…

My brobro was the one who put all of his everything into building everything you now see inside the shop, the kitchen frame, kitchen frontage, the bathroom, store room, all the back pallet boarding, the bench, the netting with the flowers, the signage outside, the shelving. All with just his hands and standard tools. He is simply a genius! And a gorgeous one at that.

We are forever grateful for all the hard work and time given to Brobro to create such a stunning space. Brobro was also the one who chose and blended the coffee we serve. He has a real love for a good cup of coffee. We went out for the day and tasted beans and beans and more beans until we found Lo’s signature blend which is what we serve and sell to you all. With this obviously we need a coffee machine, so we chose one that had travelled from milan to new York to las vegas to rome to us here in Brampton.

In between brobro’s hard work, mumma Lo was searching hard for all extra bits that Lo’s needed whilst developing recipes still. Whilst I was sat on the sofa watching tv – aha! Jokes
Every detail inside our shop has been either hand crafted by joshi, sourced through my granparents and memories as a child ( the hand mixer we use to bake all our cakes, is my diddis – mumma Lo’s mumma, from when my mumma was a child ). To my cousins painting on the walls, to my auntys graphics, to my best friends ‘proud of you’ card on the wall, to a little something from lots of wonderful people, our furniture and detail to design inside was brought in charties or marketplace because we believe that if we can all help independent people where we can, we will all make a happier difference in some way.

Anyways, back to the story. We opened in Brampton on the 13th Feb 2021, when our blinds opened that morning we were blown away by the que that stood a street long with a turn around of 45 min, this continued for months. It seemed so surreal and still does! Mumma Lo could not make cheesecake fast enough !!!

Many news articles later, press releases, social media followings, bespoke orders, love and support from you all, we are so grateful to open our doors to you 6 days a week.

Never did we anticipate quite what the journey that Lo’s could be when pen to paper started in 2018 but my golly gosh it has been the most goosebumpy journey ever and we, mumma brobro and I, stand forever grateful for the opportunity to see happiness again. We are still learning and developing everyday, I guess our journey is just beginning.
So, Thank you to you all so so much!

Until I decide to right again or update this..
Keep super safe, we wish you all great health and happiness.
See you soon for a cup of Lo’s signature blend and cheesecake xox

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