Lo’s Story

Hey Guys,

My name is Georgia and I am the founder of Lo’s.

I thought I’d tell how this all came about and maybe inspire some of you.

I was working in the NHS and it didn’t quite give me the fulfilment and happiness that I longed for. I thought to myself, I need more.

I remember the moment so clearly when I ran into my Mumma’s room where she and my brother were talking, I jumped, rolled onto Mumma’s bed and said “I am going to change my life”

I had a concept, a new food idea! I wanted this concept to go to festivals, weddings and other events. My concept was unique, fun, exciting and quirky for everyone involved so I knew I needed a food van that would portray all of this. 3 weeks later I went out with my brother and bought a fully working vintage caravan. It arrived home in perfect condition until I started working on the renovation.

Long and late evenings past, pages of research, many doodles, hundreds of pieces of paper with ideas.

I was working hard on my idea.

March 2019…I had an emergency admission into hospital where I was an inpatient for 4 weeks. I remember being in hospital continuing to work on the idea of Lo’s. The hospital bed was where I got my first ever paid order.I got out the day before the order was expected to be delivered. The delivery was made, I was happy.

My family believed in my idea so much.

I got a call from my brother whilst I was recovering at home saying

“George check out “Cambridgeshire News Live” and apply” I had a read and called Bro back

“The idea is not good enough for a Shopping Centre in Cambridge Bro”

“George, what’ve you got to lose just do it”.

So, I stayed up, 4 hours after starting the application to “Grow at the Grafton” I submitted my application. ( A competition that could change my life)

30 days past, I checked religiously to see if I had a reply. I almost wanted to give up thinking there may be a possibility, no response usually means it’s a no. Day 31 came, I went to the gym from work, treadmill here I come. Checked my emails whilst running (Impressive I know)


Goodbye treadmill, drove home, I shouted for Bro, not realising he was on a business call (whoops) I waited whilst dancing in front of him. I didn’t know how to word it, this doesn’t happen to me, so Bro read the email and he did a happy dance with me. We then waited for Mumma to get home from work, so we could tell her, Mumma couldn’t quite believe it either.

I had been given a huge opportunity to put my idea out there.

Someone else believed in me and my idea too.

So the adventure begins…

As you can see, in the Grafton Centre, Lo’s was hand-built by my Bro. All graphics are done in house. My Mumma would spend her days researching, finding the best packaging, the right fridges, the compostable spoons, my Mumma guided me to make sure everything was how I desired Lo’s to be. It was family input from many, to make Lo’s what you see in the Grafton Centre.

So, into our month 2, yes, I say “our”. This is now a family run business. My beautiful Mumma, soon became a full-time member of staff. I realised I  didn’t want to do it without her by my side, but actually nor could I actually continue doing it without her.

Her phenomenal being, drive, passion shines through Lo’s. My Mumma will forever remain the most precious asset to Lo’s. Mumma is the one whom develops the recipes for the yummy cheesecake, you all love.

Whilst building this business prior and during, I have been undergoing tests at Addenbrookes. Whilst trying my very hardest to grow Lo’s, working 7 days a week. I have recently been diagnosed with MS, this is something I will live with for my always. This is where my immune system attacks the nerves in my body, causing brain inflammation and brain damage. I face challenges daily, some days are worse than others. So, for me hard work is now proving a little harder.

I tell you the above, so that you know, you are able to do anything you put your mind to.

Don’t just say it, do it!

I had a vision, I’ve achieved this and now I am going to grow, learn and achieve more.

We have the best independent family run business. Thank you all for your continuing support.            

“Endless possibilities”

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